QuestionI would love to see you post more of your art. I know you're active on here and I'm curious to see what else you create besides the one post on here, which they're fantastic by the way :) Answer

"Active" well in searching my inbox that is haha.

Well like my description says i am working on an oil painting but that “Working” is translated to every full moon of a sunny day… as for my one post those are not mine by any means but from the masters Beksinski and Barlowe, so what can i say in my defense? nothing really, but here you can get an idea of the feel of what i may come with once i seriously finish something, but is a bunch of doodles and sketches.

when i posted one drawing for a collab with

and here  

The place where i posted the sketch of the painting i am working on Levitating islands, plus Bite to the meat apple now originally this sketch was to be my first painting, and i would have it completed half a year ago, but i allowed external opinion to influence the process, and it couldn’t be done, i put more info in the description.

So the idea for this Tumblr is… since apparently NG is hosting my doodles, Tumblr (and the rest too) will be for my finished things, so once i finish it, i will make a new post, some time hopefully before December haha, because i realized in these past vacations that i actually did no advancement in this, and comically once the semester started i somehow worked if not at least a little.

So yeah

Alright this Tumblr is made for the purpose of hosting my drawings who ultimate point is to develop my abilities as i advance, lets see how far we go, meanwhile for the disappointing i leave you with some images made by the great Beksinski and Barlowe.

as a side note it goes without saying, don’t expect that my work get as near as these guys, just think about it… if i were that good i would have made this long long ago.A guy being followed by a dog Drawing by Beksinskiimage from first born by Barlowethe Hell’s first born is taken from

other of my pages: